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chinese centennial new year in the philippines

February 16, 2011


hard to find a beach side bungalow in boracay

but i finally did it
(for about $25USD,
though the sink and toilet were both broke;
at first i thought that was the ludicrous pricing of boracay
but turned out that was pretty par for the trip
(air-con maybe, hot water probably not))

and if you go, be sure to visit the brilliant and lovely lori
at her fun and friendly congas bar
(as the picture proves, they DO have drums! and a guitar)
in station 3, right after the path ENDS!

the night there began with a free jam,
took a break for some hilarious philippino flaming homo humor
and ended with rampaging booty grinding at summer place.
best night of the trip.


it’s true moalboal has NO beach
and the adjacent white beach was
less than breath-taking without being more economical.
but the “little corner bar and restaurant”
also had a great friendly and fun atmosphere
(though they perhaps love the pussycat dolls a lil much)
and though the weather was pretty off while we were there,
apparently the snorkeling is impressive,
and of course it’s the diving that the place is famous for.


finally got the best beach side bungalow in malapascua
(at dano’s for roughly $25USD, clean and everything worked)
best views here too (those are nets, not garbage)
though the beach here is pretty coarse.

best day too, wandering through some
of the more remote villages of the island,
snorkeling a couple of really nice spots
with plenty of stripped fish, neon blue star fish
and neon green brain looking coral.

getting to/from the island can be odd
with the practical, though frowned upon,
flexibility of price/schedule for the boat
(pay more, go faster? or do they tell you that
and then put you on the same boat
that was waiting anyways???)
and try not to get stuck in Maya
because accommodation options are VERY limited.
[boats may stop as early as 4pm,
so best to make a morning bus from cebu]


finally, alona beach on panglao, south bohol
is even crowded before 6 in the morning,
but maybe that’s because it’s chinese new year
and asians often make the most of mornings.